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Raised By Swans - We Were Never Young
From every room hearts spoke through walls too thin to hold
The weight of what they heard
So fires crept through spaces long left soft and blurred

Notes slipped under the doors
Frozen to the floor, we believed everything
Leaves blown beneath the eaves
Whirring like a nest of wound-up starlings

We were young
We didn’t heed those things
If birds were singing than
We were loved

We were young
Like the universe
Like our mothers were
Like these words

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Sometimes I catch myself thinking things like this really do happen, two people really do meet this way and scenarios like these really do result in happy endings. But then again, I’m a wishful thinker so what do I know about romance? I don’t always wish I was involved in such dreamy scenarios as I imagine, perhaps I’m not cut out for something quite as cinematic, but regardless, I’d be a liar if I said I’ve never thought about them.The more I think about it, the more I’ll bet things like this happen all the time and none of us know about it. [x]
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Raised by Swans- We Were Never Young
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Raised by Swans - We Were Never Young

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there’s a thin line between word and world

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Conceal… Don’t feel…
So wait does this mean that if we took away the whole being able to produce ice thing. This movie might have been about depression?
Disney has come out and said it’s about anxiety and depression so… yeah
the writers literally said that Elsa is a metaphor for depression
*slow clap*

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pre-installed apps you don’t use and can’t delete 


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the best videogames are the ones that let u ride a horse anywhere anytime


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this is my kink where do I find this guy

fun fact: a few hours after posting this to my tumblr the guy sent me a message frantically demanding i take this down. he didn’t want to be famous on the internet, he said, and girls from tumblr were harassing him.
i refused.
a month later he sent me a message thanking me, and saying i got him laid.